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Monday, April 06, 2009

Famous Mee (Noodle) Soto of Pasir Gudang, Johor

This small little stall is hidden at the corner of Jalan Pantai of Kampung (Village) Pasir Putih. (N1°26.092' E103°55.772') If you familiar with the Rahmat Restaurant which is famous with it's Deep Fried Fish, this stall is located on the same street.

(If you drive from Johor bahru, once reach the junction of Johor Port...another 2.7km - turn right into Kampung Pasir Putih. Then drive until the end of the street and turn right, it's at the end of the corner.)

The Mee Soto stall has started business at least 30 years history from now...

The Mee Soto Restaurant of Kampung Pasir Putih

I found this stall is unique because of the setup. It's a Malay traditional wooden house and the height of the entrance is about only 6 foot, and the ceiling of the restaurant area is about 8 foot height.

The entrance of the Restaurant

I ordered the original taste of the noodle. I felt the specialty is the 'Soup', which is different from others. And it's just mixed with slices of chicken, that's simple! But it's GOOD and satisfied!

The Mee(noodle) Soto of Kampung Pasir Putih

Another specialty is the chili that they provided...it's in green colour. But I forgot to snap the green but accidently shoot the Red chili... :(

The Red Chili

The damage was : MYR2.50 for the noodle & MYR1.00 for the drink.

If you are happen at that area, drop by and give a try!


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