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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Frozen Beer! - Johor bahru.

The beer serve in this restaurant is totally different from the ordinary restaurant that you have at Johor Bahru area. They control well on the temperature of the Beer and the chilled mug! When you pour the beer into the chilled mug, it'll form an ice cube in the middle of your mug! And float on top! This ICE Cold beer will last till the last drop...isn't it interesting?

It might be common for other places, but this is the 'first' I experienced around Johor bahru area...

The ICE Cold Beer! Can you notice the ice cube?

The name of the Restaurant is "Hawker Center" (N1°29.716' E103°45.917'). It's located behind the Maybank of Melodies Garden - Johor Bahru. They serve others beer as well, but I chosed the local 'Jaz Beer', because I like the Jasmine taste of it.

The other good food you can get here is the 'Wuo-Tan-Ho' (Wet rice noodle). Some of my friends love this very much!

If you would like to order another bottle of beer , make sure you ask the waiter to change another chilled mug for you...otherwise, the Magic won't show up again! :)


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