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Monday, May 18, 2009

Botak Curry Mee (Noodle) at Kluang

I had been heard about this BOTAK Curry Mee (N2°01.736' E103°19.263') almost ten years ago, and I even miss it since my last visit to Kluang. So I definitely wanna try it this time!

The stall located at Jalan Panggung of Kluang Town. It's actually a very old hawker center along the road. It's navigated by the GPS Malfreemaps and easily found.

It's located at the right side of the road.

The signage also Big enough to being notice. Haha!

The signage

It's almost 3pm when I was there....and there's only one table is occupied. So I quickly place my order and wait....
The noodle serve in about 5 minutes, and I say....it's delicious!

Overall it's good!
The taste was different from the Laksa (Which is similar with curry noodle) at Johor Bahru. The coconut (Lemak in Malay) cream is lesser than the curry flavor. The Laksa selling at Johor Bahru mostly are same level or the coconut cream taste is more than the curry flavor...

The cost of the bowl of Curry Mee : MYR4.00 (reasonable)

I rated : 3.5/5

* There is another Botak Curry Mee at Kampung Paya, Kluang still yet to find out...


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