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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hua Bee Biscuit Shop at Tangkak, Johor

This shop is situated at Jalan Solok, another few shops after the famous Kuang Fei Beef noodle of Tangkak. (N2°15.957' E102°32.378'). They also selling many types of local cookies & biscuits.

Hua Bee Biscuit Shop

We were just happen to be here drop by to see anything interesting. One thing attract me was the Green Bean Paste Pastry (a.k.a. Tambun Biscuit at Penang). I never try it before especially at Tangkak. So we just bought 2 boxes (One big & one small), it cost MYR5.50 for small box and MYR10.00 for big box.

Tangkak Green Bean Paste Pastry

The biscuit below....we used to call it 'Cow ear biscuit' in Hokkien.

Each pack is selling at MYR3.50. Quite cheap and reasonable.

Variety of local biscuits and it's really make me recall those happy moment of my childhood! How about you? :)

After hanging around for 30 minutes, bought what we want....I noticed this hawker which is just 2 two shops away from the Hua Bee. It's only has 4 tables for customers and it's FULL! I wonder what so nice about it?! Then I realized he was selling the Laksa, and seems like every customers also tasted it. So I decided to try it, but because of no place for me....I just 'Ta-pau' (pack away). Anyway, the taste was average....nothing to shout about it.

Laksa Hawker at Tangkak

I believe it's just the hawker been selling his laksa noodle many decades ago, and most of the locals have grow together with it. Therefore, they already so get used with the taste of the noodle.....
It's happen to all of us, I am definitely LOVE the foods from my hometown. Because I taste it since young untill now....
So, what is yours favorite childhood food?


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