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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kuang Fei Beef Noodle at Tangkak, Johor

Kuang Fei Beef Noodle at Tangkak, Johor. (N2°15.931' E102°32.402')

This restaurant is located at Jalan Solok which is close to the first traffic light (if you drive from the NSE toll) of the Tangkak town.
The business hour is morning until 3pm.

I love this Beef noodle since the day one I eat beef!

Honestly, I miss the timing many times when I came here....mostly is too late! So this time I came in the morning for not to miss it again. The standard size of the Beef Noodle is MYR5.00 each, but you can have the small or the big which are MYR4.00 or MYR6.00 each.

The Tangkak Kuang Fei Beef Noodle.

The comparisons within this and the Beef Noodle (which is also from Tangkak) at Taman Maju Jaya - Johor Bahru are :-
* The beef is more tender than the JB stall
* The soup is not as thick as the JB stall.
* Last, quantity the beef they provide is much more than the JB stall.

I love it very much and I rated the Best Beef Noodle I ever have!

It's serve by young guys, I believe this are the new generations of their grand parents.

The environment of the shop. Honestly, it's quite clean.

The damage was MYR24.00 (Include drinks) for 4 bowl of beef noodles.

This happened to every bowl after 15 minutes...

The shop lots opposite Kuang Fei Restaurant.

Rated : 4.9/5

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