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Monday, October 26, 2009

Iskandar Waterfall at Cameron Highlands (September 2009)

We passed by this Iskandar Waterfall (Lata Iskandar in Malay) (N4 19.483 E101 19.477) while leaving Cameron Highlands on our Day 3. I just wanna find out are there any different from my last visit on 2003.

The park was clean and there was nice walkway from the main road towards the waterfall.

I was intend to climb up to the upper fall, but unfortunately, our time was not allow...too bad :(

The water was clear as usual...you can view it from the pictures below...

The Main Fall

The Upper Fall

The Crystal clear water...

The staircase to climb up to the upper fall...

Stairway to heaven...

Opposite the fall, there are few souvenir shop and the wash room also located between the shops. The wash room was well maintain and clean! You have to pay MYR0.20 for using it.

The souvenir shop opposite of the fall

The stream after the bridge of the main road, clear water...

I will plan to stay more longer on my next visit, at least...I wanna climb to the upper fall! :)

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