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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laguna Condo Resort at Port Dickson

2 weeks before, I was trying to book a hotel at Port Dickson. After 5 to 6 hotels I called, all fully booked! Until I called this Laguna Condo Resort. There were 2 units available, every unit has 2 bedroom (with air-conditional), 2 washroom, a living hall and a kitchen. So I made a reservation with them and requested the 2 units side-by-side, but the girl said they cannot provide both units on the same floor because of "Fully Booked". Without a choice, we agree to have one unit on the fourth floor and another unit at second floor.

They will 'text' me through my Cellular Phone for me to bank-in a MYR50.00 for the reservation, I agree and waiting for '2' days! I'm started to suspect...why they need 2 days to text me the bank account number...seems like they are not serious about the customer reservation, I think to myself...

On the day (26th December 2009), 2 families were happily drive towards the Resort to have a 2 days 1 night holiday at Port Dickson.

Once we reached our destination - Laguna Condo Resort, we felt a bit disappointed of the 'Rundown' outlook! But no choices, because the hotels nearby almost fully booked on this festive season. It doesn't matter, we check-in and we drove out the resort to search for some excitement around...

The rundown outlook of Laguna Condo Resort - Port Dickson

We went to the Blue Lagoon Beach and I will blog about it in my following post...

Went back to the resort around 6pm, to have some rest and will be out for dinner. Then we noticed, the two units we got are slightly different setup...one with grilled and the other don't. And one unit short of pillows, so I called up the office to request the shortage and the girl told me : 
"Please look around what are not complete in your unit, I will prepare and bring it over. Because after 7pm, the office will be close and there will be no maintenance guy around until next morning !!"
I was totally SHOCKED! No more maintenance after 7pm?! What if anything goes wrong with the electricity, you gonna wait till morning! Oh! My goodness! This was the WORST Resort I ever stay in my life!!
Ok...we stayed!

Poor maintenance of the garden

I noticed the floor SANK at many area around the building! I wondering will this become dangerous building and threaten to human life??

The floor sank...

I realized why we CANNOT get the side-by-side unit because we are the ONLY unit available on that floor! The rest are all abandon units! Some of the doors and windows even broken! Many units also have the 'Notice' attached on the main door...It shows, this is the area where peoples already Give Up for their investment!

The Notice on the entrance

Why the town council doesn't take any action on the building? Like I said, it can become a threaten to human life? Or there are so Lose about this? Or...maybe all because of the Great Kampung (Villagers) Spirits and the Typical Malaysian Attitude!

But inside the apartment, Everything were OK! It was clean. As you can see from the photos below...

The Living Hall

The Kitchen

The room with queen bed

The Bathroom attached to the room above

Another room with 2 single bed

During night time, there were no 'Lights' on the corridor! Only the lights from our unit! It was looks like HELL to me! Never see the security guard patrol around, No Security!! No privacy!! Bunch of youngster from outside ramp their bikes around!
Oh! no! I stayed in the Hell!

The corridor without lights

So I have to get some Tiger beer to keep me company for that night! We locked the door before midnight, full of worries because of the kids around...Totally NO holiday atmosphere at all! And wish tomorrow sunlight come as soon as possible!

At Last, we made it! Haha! 
I noticed there are few abandon houses just opposite our units, it looks really like a Haunted house to me!

The abandon houses in front of our unit

Roots are everywhere on the wall

We packed our luggage at the Fastest speed and Check-out! During check-out, I found out the employees here are only Part-time workers! Oh! I never step in to this "Hell Gate" anymore!

What a experience to us!

If you Love your family or friends, please stay away from this So Called Resort at Teluk Kemang of Port Dickson!


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