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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ostrich Showfarm at Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan

Port Dickson Ostrich Showfarm (N2 26.778 E101 51.749) is located along Jalan Kemang 13, about 450 meter away from the main road of Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson.

The weather was not so good during our visit. No sun and almost rain...

The entrance fee are : MYR8.00 for adult and MYR4.00 for children and senior citizen. I believe the farm does not have subsidy from the Malaysia Tourism.

I was wondering why it called 'Showfarm'? It's because of the 'Show' in the farm? Please elaborate this if you have an answer...:) Ok, the first Showtime - Monkey Plucking Coconut : 11am - 3pm. Second was Ostrich Race : 11.30am - 3.30pm. (The shows will stop perform if rain). Oh my! The So Called Showtime!!

The first animal we saw...the Goat. Oh! I told myself...please show me something interesting...

Then we had been 'Follow' by a White Peacock...
It ran away once we walked close to the Ostrich

Then...we saw the Ostrich! With the signage beside...

Juvenile Ostriches (7-16 months)
A) Male feathers are Black in color & female feathers are Grey in color.
B) They do not have teeth, so it is safe to hand feed them.
C) Ostrich belong to the ratite family. The characteristic of the ratite family is they do not have breast muscle, so they cannot fly.

Once the kids read the 'B', they started to feed the Ostrich...

But her face tell us that, she still fear from the Ostrich bite! :)

The Ostrich from Port Dickson

The second ostrich farm note was :-

Breeder / Laying Bird
A) Female ostriches start laying at 1.5 years old.
B) Laying time is from 8am-10am and 4pm-6pm.
C) After laying, the egg will be collected immediately to avoid any soil contamination.
D) The production of eggs are around 40-90 eggs / season. (1 season = 8 months)

The second farm was not allow to Feed! Maybe the ostrich will attack?! I'm not sure...

We continue the walk, I saw there were Monkeys jumping around on the ground. Kind of funny! I did not get the name of it, cos there's no signage...

The Macaque

Too bad, suddenly it started to rain...what a luck! But the children still Busy feeding the rabbits...Haha!

So we had a rest at the Cafe area. The drinks over here are selling at reasonable price...
Beside the cafe, situated the Souvenir Centre. The write-up and the Egg machine which take care of the Ostrich egg got our attention. Quite a nice knowledge to us...

About 10 minutes later, we continued our tour in the farm. There were few interesting 'Birds' beside the cafe, photo below...

It might belong to the Peacock or Turkeys family

If your weight is more than 120kg, Please DON'T stand on it!

Ostrich Egg

Beside the egg, you can have the Ostrich Ride within the area. But the children don't see any interest on it. Strange? Hmm...

I saw One little monkey which was very interesting! I think I spend most of the time captured this monkey in the farm. It was Cute! Haha!

The Little Cute monkey at PD Ostrich Showfarm

The Iguana looks old...wondering what's the age of it?!

That all about it! Basically, the farm got limited animal to see and the animals environment need to Improvement. Most of the animals are not living in the comfort area. All of this might because of the limited fund from the owner. I felt the entrance fee is not justify with the Ostrich farm, they should make more interesting area and make the farm look more clean. There's always a room to improve!

One of the Decoration in the farm

Location map of the Port Dickson Ostrich Showfarm


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