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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Night at Port Dickson Beach, Negri Sembilan

Port Dickson Beach at Night (N02 30.708 E101 49.605)
We had a stop at one of the beach along the Port Dickson Coastal. There were 2 photos I took for sharing...

I took out my tripod, and placed it towards the Port Dickson town. Photo below...
Port Dickson town from far away

I should make use of the Manual Focus rather than Auto Focus! Regretted after I look into the photos...
The next photo was shooting along the beach, which I'm more satisfied compare with the first photo.

The beach was quite crowded that night, I saw some of campers setting up their tent along the beach. It was a nice area to relax...

After hanging around the beach for an hour, we went back to the Resort for rest...that's end our first day at Port Dickson.


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