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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

J & J Corner Portuguese Seafood Restaurant at Portuguese Village, Malacca

The Portuguese Village (Settlement) (N2 10.986 E102 15.990) is famous with their Seafood Restaurant and we heard about it long time ago, till that day after we left Port Dickson...we decided to having our Seafood dinner and watch the beautiful sunset.

The row of Portuguese Seafood Restaurant at Portuguese Village

When reached the Portuguese Settlement around 5pm, just nice for us to walked around...friends told me before to choose the end unit of that row of restaurant. But there are 2 end lot units, so we only can judge by the customer to decide which shop to dine in.

Many visitors on the evening

There was a jetty in front of the restaurants. It's actually quite a nice place over here especially the cool breeze...
Too bad it was cloudy when we were there, otherwise it will be perfect place for sunset photography!

The Jetty

Another view of the restaurants

When getting dark, we just noticed at one of the corner of the restaurant was packed with customers. The name of the restaurant was J and J Corner Portuguese Seafood Restaurant. The crowded customers gave us confident to dine in this restaurant.

It was crowded!

After waiting about 10 minutes, we finally got our table. Waste No Time, order the foods immediately!

Our order :-
1)  Butter Garlic Crab (Portuguese Special)
2)  Portuguese Baked Fish
3)  Brinjal with sambal (Portuguese Special)
4)  Sweet and Sour Squid (Portuguese cook)

Portuguese Special Butter Garlic Crab

Portuguese Special Baked Fish

Portuguese Special - Brinjal cooked with sambal

Sweet and Sour Squid

Maybe because of TOO many customers, we had to wait for an hour before the foods serve!! You gotta be very patient! Haha! Fortunately, while waiting for our foods, we enjoyed the Famous Mango Ice drink from the stall beside the restaurant.(N02 11.001 E102 15.961) It was nice!

The Mango Ice Stall

They serve the drink Non Stop from 6pm till finished

It cost MYR2.50 per cup. MYR3.50 without ice

Overall we enjoyed the food. The special Portuguese taste was really impressed me! The crab and fish was fresh and delicious! The Brinjal was tasty! Only the squid was average, nothing special...
We were amazed by the Portuguese Seafood of this restaurant.

The Damage : MYR87.00 for 4 adults and one child. (Excluding the drinks)
The price was reasonable.

Food rated : 4.5/5

Peoples were playing with their fire crackers everywhere when about to leave, and we walked pass the village and Impressed by the Christmas decoration lighting in their houses...That night was 27th Dec 2009, the Christmas atmosphere still everywhere! I might wanna plan to come here on next Christmas!

The decoration of two of the houses we walked pass...It was really beautiful!!

Location map of Portuguese Settlement (Village) at Melaka


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