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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Experience The Baba House at Hereen Street, Malacca

I did blog about it sometime ago, you can check out the link here. This time, we had a night stay at the Hotel. We got a room with one King size bed, that cost about MYR160.00 (with window) during the peak season.

The Baba House at Hereen Street (Jln Tun Tan Cheng Lock)

I noticed the hotel had expand from 2 units of the heritage building to 4 units. And the Lobby area also change from the ex-building to new area. My last visit was about 2 years ago...you can compare the area within this post and the previous post.

The new lobby of the hotel

The new lobby was much better, cause of the Air-Con and looks much cleaner. Let me walk with you in this virtual tour within the hotel...
You can see the different obviously from the old and new renovation. (Photos below...)

The corridor to the guest room (new)

The Unique Peranakan design on the old building

They made the 'airwell' on every units became a nice small garden

I had a walked around all the building, felts like a puzzle to me at some corner! I lost my direction twice and it was fun! Haha!

Decoration on the wall

There are more antiques and unique design along the ground floor. I did capture some of them photos as below...

This small hall has about 3-4 set of table and chairs, all are different design and generation

You will see this common spiral staircase in each unit

I love this cabinet IN the wall...

Photos of the Baba-Nyonya, the ancestors.

One of my favorite place for tea break...

And now, please visit the guest room.

The King bed
Do you noticed the small decorated window on the wall? It's between the bed and the bathroom, I cannot figure out the purpose of it! Maybe it's just a design...

The bath room. Not really big....and the stain on the mosaics...

Our room was the Last room in the row, there was a small balcony outside the room which I find it very relax and nice having my Tiger beer during midnight...

The balcony beside our room

Do you noticed the CHAIR had change? I also wonder in the next morning....anyway, we didn't heard anything during the night....

The hotel has a private vehicle parking at the backyard, I like the way they manage it because the guard will lock the gate after midnight for security purpose.

Behind the hotel and the parking area

Opposite the hotel, there is the Eng Choon Association which was belong to the family of Tan Beng Swee and Tan Kim Seng. I will share the photos in my next post. And on the right, I found The Bamboo Pub & Bistro which is a nice place to drink...full of bamboo!

The Bamboo Pub & Bistro

Overall, I'm comfort with this hotel and we will come back for sure! Please click here for more information of The Baba House at Hereen Street, Melaka.

The location map of Baba House, Malacca.


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