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Monday, February 08, 2010

Donald and Lily's Corner at Malacca

Donald & Lily's Corner is located in the alley behind Hereen Street (Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock) (N2 11.662 E102 14.812). The special of this cafe is the main entrance located at the back alley, it's actually the back door of the building. 
Opposite of the cafe, there is a public parking lot for Jonker Street Malacca. If you happen to be there, it easy to spotted this Yellow building in front of you.
Donald & Lily's Corner (Cafe)

Another unique part of the cafe is the entrance...you need to climb a little to reach the dining area.

The staircase at the entrance

Donald & Lily's Cafe is close on every Monday. The business hour is from 9.30am to 4pm. They provide some special dishes from Tuesday to Sunday every week, it's all on the board below...

Let's look around of the environment...
Basically, it's some kind of comfort and cozy. I can see the owner did put some effort on the decoration.

 The decoration around the cafe...

The design seems like not related to Peranakan or Nyonya Baba

But somehow, nice Christmas atmosphere...

We ordered some food at the cafe, and what they have at that moment was only Mee-siam special and we choose the Melaka Cendol for drink.

The Special Mee-siam of Donald & Lily's Cafe

The mee-siam was average, and I felt the special in it. But we were disappointed with the Cendol! It was just a normal cendol and I surprised they still sell it within the 'Baba Cendol' territory! Or maybe they not even know what is 'Baba Cendol'?!
It's alright, the cost of the meal was reasonable.

Rated : 2.8/5

The only reason I be able to tell is the customers were attracted by the setting of the cafe, that's included me. I believe it's not because of the food.

Lighting Decoration of Donald & Lily's Corner

Location map of Donald & Lily's Corner


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