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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Cowboy Town at A'Farmosa Resort, Malacca

Cowboy Town (N2 26.704 E102 12.485) is located inside the A'Farmosa Resort (N2 26.604 E102 12.605) at Malacca.
We reached there around 5.30pm (during the Christmas Season), and we have to wait till 5.45pm to get the ticket. The ticket cost MYR45.00 for adult and MYR40.00 for children (Included the 4D Theater Show). Usually the ticket will be slightly cheaper if it's not the school holiday season.

The visitors are getting more and more when the time almost 6pm. The ticket seller was friendly and even make a good schedule for us to enjoy the entertainment in the Cowboy Town.

Main Entrance of The Cowboy Town

We had a walked around the area, and it was not very big. We finished touring the Cowboy Town in less than 30 minutes. There were 2 restaurants, Disco & Pub, Bowling Center, Thai Traditional Massage Center, Cafe and Shopping Village.

 This building stated : Saloon, but it was actually the Shopping Village.

The whole Cowboy Town was well decorated during the Christmas season. Christmas carols was play at every corner...nice atmosphere.

The ONLY Street in The Cowboy Town

 The Disco and Pub

The Bowling Center

The Shopping Village

The Cowboy Show and the 4D Theater entrance was at the back of this Shopping Village.

The Cafe is located at the left from the main entrance. We didn't go in there, so no comment on it.

 The path to the Cafe

The 4D Show was the first entertainment for us. The show started on 6.45pm, it was almost same as the Motion Master at Genting Highlands. The chairs were shaking at every second, water sprayed on your face, something poke behind your body and wind blew from your legs! The show last for 15 minutes.

We went for our dinner at The Ranch Steak House Western Restaurant later...

It was dark after our dinner, I snap some photos about the area...it was beautiful with the lighting!

The Admin Office

The street...

The Fun Fair area...

Too bad the Santa House was close during our visit...

The Pub area after the night fall...

The entertainment area was Empty at all for that night. There was nobody at the dance floor area even late at night about 11pm. The waitress seems like drinking among themself without any customer...

Beside the Pub, there was a small house decorated with all the Santa Claus and beautiful lighting...we were curiously went in to look for surprises...

Actually there's nothing in there beside all the Christmas Decoration. I think this area is for visitor to snap some photos...

This small house was nice with the decoration.

We were walking around the area untill midnight and drove back to the hotel at Malacca town.
I will blog about our 'Dinner' and the 'Cowboy Show' in the next post...

The street outside the Cowboy Town decorated with the nice lighting on the tree...

Map location of The Cowboy Town of A'Farmosa Resort

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