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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Paradise within the City - Eden Eco Farm of Saleng, Johor

Eden Eco Farm is located at Saleng (across the railway). It's about 1.2KM from the Main road, you gonna drive into some kind of small village then you will notice a small signage pointing the direction to Eden Eco Farm. (N1 38.410 E103 38.455)

One simple way to identify the road is...It's not a 'Tar' road, but just un-paved road. The slogan was 'Earth road, back to nature'.

I never expect this peace of Nature Beauty exist between the busy city, so I called it - 'Paradise'.

I was actually follow the group of children having their activities at the farm, what a coincidence! I discovered this nature.

Un paved road that lead to Eden Eco Farm

The owner of the farm - Mr Steven Seow was a very friendly guy who welcome us once we step into the area. We had a chat with him (and his wife) and understand that he took over the farm just about more than a year...

Entrance of Eden Eco Farm

"We provide services for Eco educational tourism, farm stay, retreat, conference facilities and camp site. Also supply organic fresh vegetables, fruits and eco-friendly products." said Mr Steven Seow.

Beautiful Land Rover from the farm

I love the environment Very Much! It full of greenery, fresh air and relax!

You can even have a day trip by enjoy the walk in the farm, escape from the busy and hectic city life! Understand from Steven, the farm welcome any group activities and they have rooms that be able to cater for 30-50 peoples in the main building. The charges are very much depend on the number of peoples, so please call them to confirm (roughly about MYR100.00 per person for 2 days 1 night).

The main building of the farm

Simple meals & drinks will be provided from the management. The charges included dinner and breakfast...but all of this can be pre-arrange and flexible.

The first floor of the building, where all the rooms located.

Some of the common activities like Karaoke Singing and Mahjong will NOT provided. Because all this will destroy the Peaceful Farm during the night. I'm TOTALLY agree with this!
Honestly, I think to myself...if you wanna sing, please goto KTV Center and if you wanna play Mahjong, stay at home.

Big hall at the ground floor

Beside the building, there's also a home to an Owl. According to the Business Development Manager - Mr Eric Tan, the Owl will back to the home every night...

The night ambience is great within the farm. The insect will perform the concert every night with some guest from the Mini Zoo...it's nice to have couples friends gathering here, enjoy the farm stay with the rhythm...as for me, of course will be company with 'Tiger'. :)

The home to the Owl

The Cute little Parrot will greet you when you step in to the building
After the chat with Mr Steven, I had a walk into the 20 Acres farm...It was so peaceful and relax, that's why I called it the Paradise of Nature Lover.

Because of the too many photos, I need to break it to the next post...but it was cloudy on that day, too bad the photos didn't turn up to the expectation...

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Walk in the Farm - Eden Eco Farm of Saleng, Johor

Lot 4119, Saleng,
81000 Kulai,
Tel : +6012-7776084, +6013-7038017
Email : info@edenecofarm.com
Website : www.edenecofarm.com

Location map of Eden Eco Farm

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