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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Macroview Care Centre at Eden Eco Farm(Part 2)

The Macroview Care Centre Children Summer Camp continued their activities on the second day to Eden Eco Farm, Saleng - Johor. (Link to the first day evening event)

I was late in the morning to follow them to the farm. When I arrived, I missed the introduction and the farm education for the children conducted by the owner - Mr Steven Seow around the Farm, so I just had a walk alone in the 20 acres farm...

After I visited the whole farm, the children started their 'Water War' at the small field! That was the moment I Love to capture!

Busy filling up the water to their toys

Then they started the Shooting!!
Some were running, shouting, screaming...happy and fun!

Hunting for target...

He was happy that someone Miss it!

I missed? Oh! Let me shoot again!

You must really be careful of this boy, he got the whole bottle of water!

The session last for about an hour then follow by the game organized by teachers...

Everyone was wet! Rule of the game...

After a while, everyone was jumping into the small pool beside the main building of Eden Eco Farm. All the kids love the pool because of the Slide, haha!

The owner of the farm and his employee were taking care of the kids from the slide.

Mr Steven Seow (right) - Owner of Eden Eco Farm of Saleng.

Mr Tan (Principal of Macroview) guiding the kids from slide down

All of them (the children and the teachers) were having so much fun over there! Especially at the pool...

The session last about 2 hours, some of them are totally exhausted....

Let me have a rest...

And some of them not even wanna get out from the pool...

I still wanna play! Let me jump into the pool...

I noticed many elder children and teachers were trying to convinced him to being discipline about 'Times up', but I doubt they success....

I like to mixed with all the kids around, not just because of rejuvenation...but soaked myself into the pure and happy moment in this peace of Nature Land...

Again, the activities end with the laughter & joyful from the children and the teachers...See you all next year!

I will blog about the Eden Eco Garden in my next post.

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