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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Macroview Care Centre 13th Children Summer Camp (Part 1)

Macroview 13th Summer Camp - 17th & 18th December 2009.

The Centre practice the Children Summer Camp every year, the activities normally will be going on for the 2 days.

I was at the Centre on the first evening during their Charity Fund Raising 2010 Event. Everyone in the centre will help to prepare some handicrafts, goodies and others...parents of the children also contributed their clothes, daily necessity and many many items...
You have to pay for every items and food in the event that night at the minimum cost.

Some handicraft items from the children and teachers

All the children from the centre were helping to sell something for the charity. It made this situation became special, where Everyone is helping each other to Achieve the same goal! Impressed!

And I was pestered by one of the boy who ask me to buy the pack of 'Fish Ball' from him. He was following me for more than 2 hours...Haha! That was Great! (I bought it...)

Children selling some toys to help the centre to raise the charity fund 2010

This was the popular stall (above) which selling tit bits, and there was some Serious negotiation going on! :) (Tit Bits ponsored by the parents)

The Handicraft table. Where all the collection items are made.

The two sweet ladies who help the event of that night

I also noticed there were many plants for sale display at one corner. All of the plants were sponsored by the parents...

Beautiful plants for sale

Teachers and parents also bought some items during the event, because the cost display over there were too attractive to resist!

Some Teachers busy negotiating and some were busy selling...

Too bad, I was TOO late to grab the used Microwave (below)...if I'm not mistaken, it's only cost MYR30.00.

Corn also available...

I was happy to see all the children playing around the their laughter, really make my day! Some of them were having fun between the area! Nice atmosphere!

The happy faces from them...

They are from the 'Haunted House'

Below are some photos 'Before' & 'After'...


Clothes everywhere...the situation looks like a BIG sale!

After a while, only the basket left...

The event end about 10pm, every parents started to leave the area and most of the children stay overnight and continue the Fun session...

The camp fire before I left...

I will continue the story on the next day for their activities at the Eden Eco Farm...

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