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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Elevated Expressway from Taichung to Puli Township

On the way from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake, we stop-by Puli Township. I would like to share some photos along the way...
We can't capture a nice photo because it was a cloudy at Taichung that day...

The Expressway is Clean and Nice

Our car went through 3 tunnels (for the whole journey) which are longer than the Perak Tunnel of NSE

Approaching the tunnel

I was attracted by the scenery all the way from Taichung. Especially these type of Protruded Mountains...all of these cause by the Taiwan 921 Earthquake. The stretch of protruded mountains continue almost fews Kilometer along the way...

Protruded mountains cause by the 921 Earthquake

Arca (Betel nut tree 槟榔树) are everywhere along the Expressway

Before we reach the Puli Township, we passed by the Elevated Expressway which was about 20-30 storey high! Amazing!!

Approaching another tunnel

High Elevated Expressway

High Elevated Expressway

Oh! That's Incredible! Isn't it?!
According to our driver, it's because to protect the environment. That was Great! And all these are re-built after the Earthquake.

About an hour on the Expressway, we finally reached Puli Township...

And so were our next destination - Zhong Tai Temple (中台禪寺) at Puli....

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