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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Master Of Mushroom (菇神) Restaurant at Taichung, Taiwan

The Master Of Mushroom Restaurant (N24.20089 E120.79925) is located along the XieZhong Street which is about 2km away from the Xinshe Castle. This was the restaurant we had our lunch after the photography session.

Master Of Mushroom Restaurant

The Trademark before we step into the restaurant - 菇神

Once we stepped in, the was a corner selling all types of mushrooms and souvenirs on the left...

Mushroom and some cans food...

I believe the Giant Mushroom was also one of their trademark.

The restaurant had 3 sessions of dining area and divided into 2 storey. The photos below was the lower level of dining area.

The main counter of the lower level

Both dining area of the lower floor have different of setup. As you can see from the tables and chairs...
And we chose the upper level for better scenic view from the restaurant.

One of the Unique table at the upper lever

The dining area at upper level of the restaurant

The scenery was Marvellous! It was a different Dining Experience at the Master Of Mushroom Restaurant! We were busy taking photos of the surrounding before the food serve...

The scenery view from the window

The protruded area of the mountain was due to the Taiwan 921 Earthquake.

There were many mountains in Taiwan have the same scenario and some of them protruded much more than this!

The two small plates of special appetizer for us before the food serve...

The Appetizers

The Manager came to our table to explain the proper way to enjoy our Organic Mushroom lunch, she told us the procedure and the time to cook for various of mushrooms...
That moment, our table was full of fruits and mushrooms...once the soup was boiled, we had to put half of the fruits (the 2 plates below) into it...

Then wait for 3 minutes to continue 30% of each type of mushrooms (below) for 20 seconds...

Types of mushrooms...

I like the colour of this mushroom very much!

The main bowl of soup where everyone waiting for it!

Beside the fruits & mushrooms we put in, there were others ingredients cook together in the big bowl of soup...
Once the bell rang! That was our First taste of the Organic Mushroom soup!

It was YUMMY! This was my first Organic Mushroom meal! Awesome!
The Manager did told us not to take too much rice, but we Can't resist the pork gravy with some minced pork which for mixing with rice. The taste was so nice!

The pork gravy and the rice below...

Then we continued the formula circles and together with the pork below...

The meal was So Delicious! Especially the Special Recipe of the soup. I will strongly recommend to all my friends to try it if you happen to the Xinshe District.

We spend more than 1 hour and slowly enjoyed the foods and with the cooling environment before we proceed to our next destination. We were Overloaded!
The Damage : TWD300.00 for each person included drink. Reasonable!!

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