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Monday, May 23, 2011

Xinshe Castle (新社古堡) at Taichung - Taiwan (Part 2)

Continue from Part 1.

The park is not very big but it was not small though...in case you are lost, please refer to the signage below...:)

Signage in the park

We came to the restaurant after some walk, and I was attracted by the building architecture! It was really Nice!

六角亭 Restaurant in the park

I guess this is the unique letter box of the building! (Above) I just can't stop snapping around the restaurant!

In the main dining area...

In the main dining area...

And the Unique ceiling design of the 六角亭 Restaurant

There were 2 dining session in the restaurant. The other session at the first floor which was a Alfresco area, but I didn't take any photos because of customers privacy...

Beside the restaurant, it was the public washroom. And we were surprised with the flowers decoration! If I don't really take note the signage, I cannot believe it was a washroom!

Path to the public washroom in the park

We continued our walk at the right of the park...it was the Artificial Waterfall. There was a pathway where we can walk thru the waterfall at the top level...well, this place is remarkable for its picturesque scenery!

The Waterfall in Xinshe Castle Park

The Full view of the Waterfall

Slow shuttle effect of the water...

We spend almost 2 hours in the park for photography. Actually, there were not much attraction in the park beside taking photos. There are many disappointed statements by the locals on the internet, but it was a great session for us! :)

The Unique tower in the park. Basins at the bottom...

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