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Friday, May 20, 2011

Xinshe Castle (新社古堡) at Taichung - Taiwan (Part 1)

Xinshe Castle (新社古堡) (N24.18825 E120.81354) is located at Xie Zhong Street of Sinshe District of Taichung, Taiwan. The journey took about 1 hour from the Evergreen Laurel Hotel.
This nice park actually is good for relax and having coffee beside the pond...and taking some nice photos around the park.That was our photography session started! :)

Xinshe Castle

The entrance fee is TWD250.00 and there is a TWD100.00 food voucher in the ticket. You can have your lunch or tea break at the restaurant in the park.

Let share some photos of the Xinshe Castle and the beautiful park below...

Once we stepped to the park, there was a bridge cross over the pond. And on the right, we saw the artificial waterfall.

Artificial waterfall in Xinshe Castle

On the left, there were row of tables from the cafe. Too bad the cafe Only open during weekend and public holiday...:(

The Castle is located after the bridge...

This small area was cooling...

The Castle was not open for public during our visit, maybe they only open during weekend...so we moved to the backyard.

There was a nice sitting area with the water feature between...

The area was surrounded with full of colourful flowers! That was really Nice!

On top of the Castle, there was another sitting area which you can a Full view of the park...

Too bad I didn't bring my tripod for the excellent Panoramic view! Regretted!
Follow the path, we came to another building which called the Brewery.

The unique small huts below are the public washrooms. The park is well maintained and Clean. We also noticed there was a wedding photography shop in the park.

Stairway to heaven

I will continue in my next post (Part 2) for the restaurant and waterfall...

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