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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fong Chia Night Market (逢甲夜市) at Taichung - Taiwan

Our driver dropped us at the junction of FuXing Rd & FongChia Rd (N24.178803 E120.645136), and we started to hunt for our dinner....

Dedicated lane for motorcycle at Fuxing Rd, Taichung.

Fong Chia Road, Taichung

We noticed the the Lane 20 of Fong Chia Rd (N24.178985 E120.645696) has many food stalls around, which is part if the Fong Chia Night Market (逢甲夜市), so decided to have our dinner here...

Lane 20 Fongchia road, Taichung - Taiwan

Wah! There were many food stalls in the lane, and we were confused what to try....as you can see from the photo below...all kind of foods available! Certain stall really interested! Like this one at the bottom right of the photo below...:)

Food stalls along the Lane 20 - Fong Chia Road, Taichung

Colourful Sports Shoes!

All of us agree to had the Oyster Vermicelli for the first hit...and I ordered mine with extra intestine...

Oyster Vermicelli + Intestine = YUMMY!

I don't know whether because we were so hungry or the vermicelli was so Delicious?! I finished mine within 3 minutes! YUMMY! We were NOT done yet! It was just the first meal of the night market...

Noticed many stalls selling Deep Fried Chicken Chop along the street, our temptation told us...Don't reject it! And we found one of the stall with long queue...and grab one of it!

The Chicken Chop stall with some write up...

We chose this stall because of the queue...

The friendly boss of the stall, he was A Good salesman! Haha!

Waited about 10 minutes...we got our chicken chop!  
It was served in pieces in a small paper bag.

I like the sauce, but the chicken was average...(TWD50)

After we finished the chicken chop, we walked to the main road - Fuxing Road. There are more shops and food stalls along the road too!

Fuxing road (福星路), Taichung.

Some interesting food stalls...'Wolf Sausage'??!! Wah! I doubt....

The Wolf Sausage stall @ Fuxing road, Taichung

We didn't try on it, well...we bought the Big Sausage & Small Sausage opposite of the Wolf Sausage stall. :)

The Big Sausage and Small Sausage stall

Surprised! It was delicious too! I like the mixture of some cucumber, onion and others...

The Taiwan Sausage - TWD40

About few hundred meters away from Fongchia road, we came to another junction and saw this...

Welcome to Fong Chia Night Market (逢甲夜市)

I believe this was another part of the night market in Wenhua road. We tried not to miss any lane here and so...just simply explore the street!

Fong Chia Night Market (逢甲夜市)

Colourful slippers!

The interesting helmet stall. Which is your favorite? :)

As I look on top of me, there are cables Flying everywhere! Haha!

The cables on top of my head...

We discovered another Flagship Night Market within the night market! Interesting! Night market within night market.

Privilege parking

We explored the night market until midnight and I bought a few cans of Taiwan beer back to hotel.
We called it the night!

Full Of Angry Birds!

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