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Sunday, July 31, 2011

National Revolutionary Martyr's Shrine (忠烈祠) at Taipei, Taiwan

The National Revolutionary Martyr's Shrine (N25.07826 E121.53358) is located at the roundabout along the BeiAn Road of Taipei, Taiwan.

The Martyr's Shrine of Taipei

"The Martyr’s Shrine was built to commemorate soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country during the War of Resistance against Japan and Civil War between Nationalist Government and the Communist Party. The Martyr’s Shrine was built in 1969, with the main architecture designed similar to Taihe Dian Imperial Palace in Beijing. The grand design symbolizes the braveness and selfless spirits of the martyrs. Covering a large area, with mountains nearby and facing Keelung River, the Martyr’s Shrine is a significant attraction noting the history and culture of Taiwan." Source from here.

When we reached the shrine, the timing was just Nice! The Military Soldiers Officers just about to change their shift. The Martyr's Shrine visit by many tourists everyday, one of the purpose is to witness the Officers changing shift.

The Military Police Officers of Martyr's Shrine

It was cloudy that day...and once the officers started to move, everyone (tourists) were just follow...

I was amazed with their movement, perfect synchronized!

Do you notice the three dark lines on the floor? That were their footsteps...everyday and every hour!
We were just follow the Police (Soldiers) Officers side by side until they reached the Shrine...

The Martyr's Shrine

And everyone were just stand and watching the shift changing quitely...

You can notice there were two soldiers standing on the both side of the entrance...and there were some kind of ceremony before the soldiers change.

Then they walked out the Shrine...

Well, everyone follow the soldiers again from the Shrine towards the main entrance...before the main entrance, there were some kind of 'performance' that they changing their rifles 'in the air'!

Then the soldiers just stand at the both side of the entrance motionless! Yes! For another hour...Salute!

Seems like she (tourist) wanted learn about the soldiers...:)

I captured a short moment of the Soldiers from my phone below...

If you like to know the history about the Martyr's Shrine, please click here.

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The Location map of National Revolutionary Martyr's Shrine at Taipei, Taiwan.

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