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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wang Hai Tin Seafood Restaurant (望海亭海鲜餐馆) at Yeh Liu (野柳), Taiwan

After about an hour+ drove from Taipei, we reached Yeh Liu (野柳). Well, our purpose was to visit the Famous Yeh Liu Geopark. But before that, we had our lunch in this Wang Hai Tin Seafood Restaurant (望海亭海鲜餐馆) (N25.20421 E121.69038) which is not far away from the Geopark.

Wang Hai Tin Seafood Restaurant at Yeh Liu

Live seafood...

I was attracted by some 'Giant' around the corner...

Giant crab!

Giant sea snail, big?

Our seafood lunch had been pre-arrange and once we stepped in, the restaurant started to prepare our meals...

The internal decoration of Wang Hai Tin Seafood Restaurant. Clean!

Ok, these were what we had...


Cucumber and squids

Sea snails

Steam prawns with Wasabi (ワサビ(山葵)

Steam Fish. It was Fresh!


Overall, the foods were Fantastic! I like almost every dishes on the table. Especially the fish, sea snails and the steam prawn with Wasabi (First time tasted). We really enjoy our lunch and we took almost 2 hours to finished it. :)

As I noticed the price tag on the tank outside the restaurant, seems like the prices of the seafoods here are very reasonable and affordable!

Verdict : 4.5/5 (overall)

Do drop by the restaurant if you are happen to be around.

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The Location map of Wang Hai Tin Seafood Restaurant at Yeh Liu, Taiwan

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