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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dessert Shop at Jiufen Old Street, Taiwan

We had a rest at this Dessert Shop after we back to Jiufen Old Street. The shop was just located on the right of the Old Street entrance.

The choices of Taiwan Authentic Dessert

There were many choices and we just took the signature dessert of the shop. That was the yam ball, bean curd and syrup flavored with ginger. (TWD40 each)
I ordered the cold type to ease the thirst from the climbing up and down...:)

The lady boss preparing our desserts

The lady boss was nice and friendly and the shop was simple and clean. The dessert served on our table less than 10 minutes...

The Taiwan dessert

The dessert was nice and satisfied, the tasty yam balls was soft same as others...
There were many stalls selling the same dessert along the street and we cannot judge which is the best...
I cannot comment more on it because this was the Only shop we tasted.

Overall, all of us satisfied! After the dessert we will going to Taipei and leave this beautiful and peaceful small town. Well, I like this small town and I will be back!

The cute little girl running around when we had our dessert...she was really Cute!

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