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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Diamond Tony's Restaurant at 85th Floor of Taipei 101, Taiwan

We been invited by a friend from Taiwan to the Diamond Tony's Restaurant at 85th Floor of Taipei 101 (N25.03313 E121.56510) for dinner on our 4th day of Taiwan trip. I believe reservation is needed if you intend to dine in.

Diamond Tony's Restaurant at Taipei 101

The environment was perfect with soft music and especially the night view of Taipei City. But we were not in the luck that night because of the whole city was covered by mist...
I was amazed by the washroom design! You can even enjoy the city night view while you doing your business! :)

After about 30 minutes after our ordered, the first dish served on our table...it was the mushroom soup with bread.

Mushroom Soup with Bread

I was surprised with the portion of the bread! Anyway, the soup was rich and good with the bread.

After we finished chatting for about 15 minutes, the second course served...Bacon with vegetables.

Third course...(apologies! I forgot the name of the dish...some kind of abalone...)

Fourth course...The Sausage.

And here was the main course...The Beef.

Main course - Beef.  
(Apologies for the blur photo)

The last was the dessert...Chocolate cake.

The Chocolate cake

We were satisfied with the meals over here. Some of the dishes were just average, but the environment is the main attraction of the restaurant! (Too bad we saw nothing that night...)
Anyway, we were thankful for the dinner which provided by a friend, appreciated. We visited the Shilin night market again after the overloaded dinner! :)

Apologies for the blur and yellowish photos above.

Taipei 101 of Taiwan

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