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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mitsui Cuisine Japanese Restuarant (明水三井餐廳) at Taipei, Taiwan

We were invited to the Mitsui Cuisine Japanese Restaurant (明水三井餐廳) (N25.08192 E121.55161) for our lunch on the 5th day of our trip to Taiwan. The restaurant is located along MingShui Road of Taipei.

Mitsui Cuisine Japanese Restaurant

Our table had been reserved by our friends from Taiwan, and they had even ordered the meals. The environment was really nice and it was a luxury restaurant around Taipei.
I noticed the Manager was using the Tablet PC to take order from customers! Surprised!

The Manager of the restaurant taken the order from customers...

After chatting for about 15 minutes, our lunch served on the table...well, the first course was 'raw prawn and fish served in the ice bowl'...

2nd course was...'10-20% cooked of lobsters'.

They served very fast!
After about 5 minutes, they brought Two Giant Crabs and put it on our table! Oh! Ok...just wanted for us to make sure the crab was live! My goodness! Haha!

Live Giant Crabs...

And follow by the 3rd course...Deep fried fish. (Do you know what kind of fish from the photo below?)

Deep Fried Fish

The 4th course was...the Giant Crabs.

The Crabs

The 5th course was...20% Raw Beef.

The Raw Beef

The 6th course was...some king of Asparagus?!.


7th course was...Foie Gras. (aka duck or goose liver). This was my first experience tasting this meal.

Foie Gras (aka duck or goose liver)

8th course was...Sushi.

Sushi of Mitsui Cuisine Restaurant

9th course was...Ops! I forgot what was that?!...

The 9th course...forgot the name of the dish...

The last was...small cup of soup.

Well, we were Totally Overloaded for this lunch!

I like the beef very much! Even it was almost raw...
Other dishes...average to us...and I felt the Foie Gras was OK. I'm not really taste the few dishes after the 6th course because it was too full for me! Too bad!
Actually, I like the atmosphere very much, it was quiet and you can enjoy your meal perfectly. Every dishes were served less than 5 minutes! Good services!

If you don't mind about the price, it's worth for a visit. You can contact the restaurant for reservation on their official website : Mitsui Cuisine Restaurant.

* Apologies for the low quality photos above, all photos were taken by my camera phone.

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