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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goose Noodles Stall at Xin Men Ding (西門町), Taipei - Taiwan

We had our 6th day dinner at Xi Men Ding (西門町) Taipei. Well, I still prefer to try the Goose noodle again which I tasted 4 years ago. All of my friends agreed.

The stall is located at one of the alley which you can walk from the Xi Men Ding Square towards the main road. Apologies because I forgot to take down the GPS Coordinates, but you can base on the address below to find it - 27 alley of ChengDu Road.

Goose noodle stall at Xi Men Ding

The shop is always crowded because of limited tables...
Once we had our table, the order was placed immediately! Even there were many customers around the shop, the noodles were served less than 15 minutes.

The crowded Goose noodle shop at Xi Men Ding

The Goose noodle of Xi Men Ding

The meats and the soup were still delicious as before, but the noodles seems not as tender as before. Anyway, it was still a Tasty dinner for us. I forgot how much it cost in TWD, it was about MYR5.00 after conversion.
The customers were continue walk in to the shop non-stop, and they will stand beside our table before we leave...

Anyway, if you ever try the Goose Noodle before, please give a try! You might like it! :)

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