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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Xi Men Ding (西門町) of Taipei, Taiwan

After the Nice Goose Noodle dinner, we walked around this vibrant and lively Xi Men Ding (西門町)(N25.04282 E121.50751). And that will be our last night at Taiwan, we intended to buy some souvenirs back...

The area is well known with all the Giant signage...there were everywhere...

I saw many shops and food stalls still remain the same area as 4 years ago...well, there were some good memories down the lane...
One of them was this MRT exit...

One of the Ximen MRT Exit nearby Xi Men Ding

There were many talented artist along the Xi Men Ding area, they always perform beside the streets. We spotted one young lady drummer who played marvelously that night. She had been surrounded with almost 100 audiences around the area.

The talented young lady drummer

Beside the lady drummer, we saw another street painter who painted the beautiful landscape picture within 10 minutes! He used those sprays with different colour and A small piece of card to produce the nice and beautiful picture! The picture Only cost TWD100 each!

The intelligent street painter

He used the fire to dry the paint instantly...

The whole area was packed of peoples!

I remember the shop above where I waited for my wife for more than 2 hours...haha!

Decided to walk to the hotel where we stayed on last visit - Han She Hotel. Still the same old alley, but with a strong bright spot light now...

Entrance of Han She Hotel

After we bought some local foods and souvenirs, we back to hotel and pack...we have a plane to catch tomorrow 8am!

Bye Bye Taiwan! I miss you!

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Location map of Xi Men Ding, Taipei - Taiwan

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