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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Colours of Ferris Wheel - Miramar Complex, Taipei - Taiwan

While we step in the Grand Victoria Hotel after the walk from Xi Men Ding, we decided to take the photo of the Ferris Wheel of Miramar Complex (N25.082936 E121.557065), which we was no chance to ride on it for this trip...

Miramar Complex

It was about to shut down when we stand below the wheel...

The Green Giant Wheel

Luckily, it still continued to change its colour...it was Beautiful!

Less than 15 minutes, the colourful lighting were shut down and left the Only Green colour on it. I decided to try the Long Shutter technique which I learned from Ong.

Taken in long shutter - 0.5 second

Taken in long shutter - 1 second

We spend about 30 minutes for the Ferris Wheel shooting and walked back to the hotel...the area was calm and peaceful.
Packed everything, but just can't sleep...even after few bottles of Taiwan Beer...

BYE TAIWAN! I will be back again!

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Location map of Miramar Entertainment Park at Taipei, Taiwan

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