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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kukup Island - The Red Mangrove Island, Johor

The boat was waiting for us when we reach the Jetty.

The boat ride was in our package, we were requested the boat man to drop us at the Kukup Island Jetty. (Please remember to take the mobile phone number of the boatman, once you finish the walk at the island....give them a call, and they will pick you up and return to Kukup)

Along the way, the boatman became our Tour Guide! He was good in explaining about Kukup village and the history behind. He's also trying to sell some souvenirs, but you can reject it if you don't like it.

The new Kukup Jetty

Scenic view of Kukup

His name is 'Ah Long', he was the boatman and 'Tour Guide'.

It's just less than 10 minutes ride, we reached the Kukup Island Jetty.

Kukup Island is an island entirely covered by mangrove forest and surrounded by mudflats - the mudflats extend up to a few kilometres on the West and Northwest of the island. There is currently no human habitation or man made structures on the island.

In order to promote preservation of this unique mangrove habitat, Kukup Island is designated as a Ramsar site (or otherwise known as a Wetlands of International Importance) on 31 January 2003, it is also protected as a national park under the Johor State Park Corporation Enactment 1989 since 27 March 1997.....for more info, please click here.

The mangrove also become a rubbish trap during high tide. I think it will be much easier to clean at the mangrove area rather than the sea.

The Kukup Island Jetty (N1°19.663' E103°26.180')

The Counter - (Remove nothing from the park except rubbish)

The entrance fee :
Malaysian :
Adult : MYR5.00
Student : MYR3.00

Foreigner :
Adult : MYR10.00
Student : MYR5.00

Guide :
Adult : MYR3.00
Student : MYR1.00

Boat ride at Snake River :
Adult : MYR3.00
Student below 12 years : MYR2.00

Kayaking :
Adult : MYR6.00
Student : MYR5.00
Certificate : MYR3.00

After the counter, we start to explore the Island.

The first stop, the Suspension Bridge. It's about 10 - 15 meter height. (No fear!)

The washroom located at the ground level.

The stretch after the Suspension Bridge. I love the view over here...

For rent, but not the guy....

Snake River

The staff of Kukup Island National Park Corporation

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

During the high tide, most of the Mangrove Crab escape from the water to the tree....

The Mangrove Tree around the area...

Old Logging Settlement

I noticed along the way, you will see many signage......but some of them, I can't understand....will you?

The way which lead us to the 'Observation Tower'.

It's about 5-10 minutes walk, you reach the Tower.

Too bad it's under maintenance! What a MISS! Look at the ribbon block the way to the top of the tower.

The Mudskipper around the area...

That's finish our trip to Kukup Island. We waited about 10 minutes at the jetty for the boat to bring us to the next stop - The Kelong.

They are total of 72 Kelong along the Kukup sea...
On the Kelong (N1°19.500' E103°26.367'), they are selling some dried foods, you will also experience touching the small Shark and other fish over there. We spent about 30 minutes on it, and going back to Kukup for our Seafood lunch....

High King Seafood Restaurant (N1°19.524' E103°26.500')

The dishes were delicious!! I forgot to snap the fish, because I'm too hungry! :)
Among all, the chili crab was the Best!

Our package :-
* Adult : MYR80.00 (Inclusive of 2 seafood lunch, 1 seafood dinner and a simple breakfast)
* Children : ?? ( Ops! I forgot)
If you come with more peoples, the package price will be more cheaper. Basically it's between MYR75.00 to MYR150.00.

If you are interested to goto Kukup, you can contact this guy : Mr Gay Kui Seng (Ah Seng) with his mobile phone number : +6-012-7657463

Some history of Kukup.....

District which is now known as PONTIAN, was called KUKUP or KUKUB with its administrative center located somewhere near the present harbour in Kukup Laut. In those ancient time, the West Coast of Johor, from Kukup to Benut was the stop and rest place of the sea pirates based in the Straits of Kukup. They stationed and based at the river mouths of the Perhentian Besar River, and the Perhentian Kechil River. (In Malay "Perhentian" means Stopping Place (Mooring Place), "Besar" means big, "Kechil" means small, and "Sungai" means river.) These two rivers were then called the Pontian Besar River (Sungai Pontian Besar) and Pontian Kechil River (Sungai Pontian Kechil). Thus it was obvious that the name PONTIAN, came from the Malay word Perhentian meaning the Stoping Place (mooring place)....for more, please click here.

About Kukup :-

This is an old fishing village with history of a century old. Its unique of a fishing village built entirely on stilts above the sea, linked by concrete jetty from house to house. As recent statistic shown, this old fishing village is occupied by some 1,000 residents wholly from the Chinese race. Out of a total of 172 houses, about 57 are used as Holiday Chalets. The village will be flooded with flow of tourists on Saturdays and Sundays. Tourists especially from Singapore like to tour and stay here in groups very frequently because of the economic and cheap expenditures, warm hospitality and many interesting places to be visited. Source from here....

To us, this place is a Good Breakaway from your stressful city life. I will definitely visit here more often if time allow.....

The only comment I have : The way they discharges everything direct to the sea!! It's really bad and polluted!

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