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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kukup Trip - Day 2

Day 2
It was raining in the morning.....I thought we have to cancel our trip to Kukup Island, luckily the rain stop around 11am.....

The first wooden house attracted me in the morning....I wonder what he is waiting for?

There were Nasi Lemak and Mee-siam including coffee & Milo for our simple breakfast (include in the packages).

This boy was patiently waiting for his breakfast....

Direction map on the wall - Garmin or Malsingmaps??

After the breakfast, we were continue our journey to Kukup Island and the boat ride. Along the way, I snapped some pictures.....

The tide getting higher in the morning...

Another foot, it will touch the chalet...

Dustbins are everywhere...the way they take care of the environment.

The Police Marine Office....quite run down...

Fisherman Boat

Chinese Temple

The busy junction. Located between Lorong A & Lorong B

The boy who said 'Good Morning' to me...

Then come to my favorite corner...:)

When we reached the town, water everywhere! Some cars parking beside the road become the victim.

We proceed to the Jetty for Kukup Island.....

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