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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Genting Outdoor Theme Park, Genting Highland


Day 2

We were ready around 10:30am.
I took my breakfast at the food court beside the Taxi Station at ground floor Resort Hotel. Choice was limited, so I just had a chicken rice....
It cost me MYR9.00 (include cup of tea)
That's the price of chicken rice at 1500 meter above sea level...

We went in to the Genting Outdoor Theme Park around 11.00am. with the All Park ticket cost MYR51.00 per adult & MYR36.00 per child for one day.
The Main Entrance just beside Theme Park Hotel.

The main entrance of Genting Outdoor Theme Park

Simple map of the Theme Park

Once you step in, the guard will put a waterproof ring on your hand and that's the daily pass. The first ride we saw was this Spinner on the left...

Thrill Ride : Spinner - min height 107cm

On your right, there's a station for Family Ride : Monorail. The other station also available at the Indoor Theme Park.


Just right in front of us was the Chocolate Wonderland. But didn't go in...

We continue our walk....and I heard the screaming from the right. Then I noticed, it's the Cyclone Ride.

Thrill Ride : Cyclone - min. height 122cm

Peoples were pack on that day.

Oh! I won a Big Teddy Bear!

My daughter insisted to get a Candy from the Clown...

I believe there are at lease 500 of Koi in this pond...

The Koi fish pond is just beside this Flying Jumbo Ride.

Family Ride : Flying Jumbo

We did many Family Rides but not those Trill Rides, because my daughter is still too young for it...and I'm too old for it. I afraid my heart can't take it anymore! All those Thrill Rides were just for my eyes only! Haha! So if you are young and can take the Trill, just GO for it!

Along the way, I noticed this snack & souvenirs shop on the left...

Showboat Fantasy

Behind the Arena Of Stars (on the left on the main entrance), there are another 2 Thrill Rides : Flying Dragon & Sungai Rejang Flume Ride.

Thrill Ride : Flying Dragon - min. height 107cm

Surprisingly, the queue was long even almost 7.30pm of that day...I believe this is one of the Popular Ride.

The other ride is the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride. I advise you please prepare your Raincoat! You will get wet under the 20° C degree atmosphere!

Trill Ride : Sungai Rejang Flume Ride - min. height 122cm

As you can see behind the these Rides, there's small lake for boating.

A couple will be romantic on the boating, especially under the fog...

We continue our walk within all these joyful atmosphere around the Theme Park. At the end part of the left, we saw this Trill Ride : The Flying Coaster. It's one of the Signature Attraction! The Green Monorail was at the back...

Thrill Ride : The Flying Coaster - min. height 137cm

I was thinking....if I take this ride, my heart will fly out in no way!! Haha!
Then heading towards the building, you will pass by the Information Counter and the Ticket Counter. There is still another Thrill Ride Station in this building, the Rolling Thunder Mine Train.

While walking in the building, my daughter love this playground very much! I'm speechless...

And also a few Family Ride like Antique Car & Mini Train...

We took the ride of the Antique Car and Mini Train...

The ride was about 15 minutes where pass through most the attractions...

The above picture is the exit of the Trill Ride : Rolling Thunder Mine Train - min. height 122cm

Too bad, after 10 minutes waiting...still no sign of the train! But I noticed there a lot of Beautiful Mosses on the rock...

Now I understand, there are others colour than green...

After having fun in the building, we continue to others rides. The time was around 2pm, the Theme Park was covered by a heavy fog.

We passed by a stage where the magic show on it. On the right of the stage, the Pirate Ship was swinging! (Sorry for no photo)

I think the Genting Skyway was in maintenance, we miss it!

We took another Family Ride which was the Matahari Ferris Wheel.

It's not really high, but enough for you to see the whole Outdoor Theme Park of Genting. I took the chance to snap some photos of the Corkscrew.

Thrill Ride : Corkscrew - min. height 122cm

And just opposite the Ferris Wheel, there another Popular Ride for that day - The Space Shot.

Look at the queue!

Trill Ride : The Space Shot - min. height 137cm

The above picture was taken during my ride on the Ferris Wheel...The expression on their face told me, it's extremely exciting!!

Our last ride was in this Dinosaurland. Because my little princess wanna take a nap...

The entrance of the Dinosaurland.

The T-Rex was waiting for us!

Basically we were ride on the boat, after pass by the Artificial Dinosaur, we entering a dark room and the show started! Explaining where the Dinosaur came from and how many type existed in the world before...

The roar of the Dinosaur that end's our Outdoor Theme Park session, we went back to hotel for rest. And will continue our next program - The Indoor Theme Park.

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