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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Genting Indoor Theme Park, First World Plaza - Genting Highland

After our battery charged, we continue our fun session from Outdoor Theme Park to Indoor Theme Park of Genting.
The Indoor Theme Park is located at the First World Plaza. The area is smaller than the Outdoor Theme Park, but it's enough to bring us the fun!
Once you enter the Theme Park, you will see a small scale of Paris Eiffel Tower. Below that is the children ride - Ride De Paris.

Ride De Paris. Min height - 76cm, max. height - 107cm (Kids below the height of 90cm are required to pay)

My daughter took twice of it! :)
Then we had a simple lunch (or I call tea break) at the KFC in the Theme Park around 3pm...

The pictures blue background was because of the Blue Canopy...

The kids were impatiently having their meals and wanna jump in to any ride they can! I would like to share some photos in the Theme Park.

There was a Flea market in front of the Burger King Fast Food. And if you wanna play some online game or check urgent email, there is a Internet Cyber Cafe on the right.

Surprisingly, it was full!
I think there must be different feeling while surfing at the altitude of 1600 meter above sea level... :)

The counter of the Indoor Theme Park.

Statue of Liberty at Genting

I have no idea what is this statue above, you?

The decoration during Christmas...

There was a Mongolian promotions of their unique products.

We did some Family Rides in the Theme Park, one of them was the Rio Float.

Queuing for the Rio Float Ride.

This photo taken from the ride...

It took us round-and-round on top of the Theme Park, quite a nice view. The total duration was about 10-15 minutes...

I did have a meal (3 years ago) at the shop below, it's was just simple meal with rice, fried chicken, omelette & vegetables. It cost me MYR18.00 for it. That's the price within the Theme Park.

But I have no idea how much today...
And I noticed the Mineral Water selling at MYR5.00 for small and MYR10.00 for big bottle.

After we finish the fun session around 1.00am, we end our second day on Genting with ice cold Carlsberg beer....

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