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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Steamboat Dinner at Damansara Village, Petaling Jaya

After about 2-3 hours walking at the Mid Valley Shopping Mall, that really make us feel hungry....and no time wasting, we looking for our dinner....

Lau is really a good food lover, he brought us to this Damansara Village (N3°07.445' E101°36.777') which is located at Pertaling Jaya for Steamboat Dinner.

The place was decorated like a village in the city! They even have a small Zoo for customers to walk around. Well decoration and friendly staffs.

The main entrance (Business hour 5pm - midnight)

On the left of the entrance - small pond for children to catch fish...

Relax and enjoy your dinner at the village...

A village style washroom.

The Iguana which is situated in front of the washroom

We were the first customer when reached the restaurant, it was around 5:30pm. We chose the table which is near to the end, for better view. The Restaurant provided live seafood here.

Main dining area

Side dining area. We took the side are just because it was spacious than the other area.


Big shrimp

Many types of fish also available here...

The tortoises at the end. I believe it's for decoration purpose...

The press media report. I felt that most of the famous restaurants at KL area like to put the Celebrity photos on the wall for public awareness!

Our order :-

Everybody were hungry after seeing all this seafoods being serve...

Then.....we wait....

The steamboat was serve with a home recipe herbal soup. Very tasty! All of us Love it very much! We took almost 2 hours to finish the dinner, and make my tummy 1 inch wider! Haha!

If you like to taste the Steamboat in the village, please go early. As you can the customers come in non-stop about 7pm during the weekend. My humble advise...

The restaurant was full around 7pm

We took the Set Dinner package. The damage was less than MYR150.00 for 4 adults and 2 children. (Inclusive drinks and 2 bottles of Carlsberg)
Otherwise is MYR18.80 per person as stated.

I rated :-
Environment - 5/5
Foods - 4.5/5

Thanks Lau's family for the good recommendation!

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