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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Supper at Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

After our dinner, we had a city tour around KL City.
Twin Tower was always visible to us during the tour....actually we were searching for one Nasi Lemak Stall around KL City. Lau said, you can enjoy your delicious nasi lemak and admiring the Twin Tower night view at the same time. What a perfect location!
After about 30 minutes round and round at the city, we finally found it! Which is actually hiding at the corner of 'Sultan Sulaiman Sports Club'. The stall named 'Nasi Lemak Kg Baru' (N3°09.747' E101°42.082'). (You can easily find it from the GPS map of malfreemaps)

Until we felt wanna have some light foods for supper, we proceed again to Kepong to this stall (N3°12.514' E101°38.752') which situated along Jalan Kepong Baru. The name of the stall is 'Kei Tak Xet' (in cantonese) which mean 'Remember to eat'. Haha! What a unique name!
The only problem getting here is.....parking problem.

The area was full when we arrived....(around 11pm)

Lau ordering the foods....

Our supper for the night....

Stuffed Crab. This was the first time I tasted it even I've been heard it for so long......

The foods were good! Even it's not perfect but it's just delicious to fill up your stomach. I felt the foods sell here are more like a Taiwan foods.....

With a few cans of Beer, we end our first day at Kuala Lumpur.....

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