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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bye Bye To Gunung Ledeng Resort - Johor

When we woke up the next day (11am), most of the members had gone back...Left only 4 families - GPSSin, OngCC, Antyong & me.
So we decided to have our lunch at Muar. After almost one hour drive, we reached the Merlin Restaurant at Taman Orkid, Muar.

Our order :-
1) Vegetables
2) Muar Otak-Otak
3) Sambal Squid
4) Sambal Shrimp
5) Japanese Tou-Fu
6) Deep Fried fish ("Dragon Tongue" in Chinese)
7) Assam Fish x2 (The Signature Dish)

Our dishes......

The Famous Muar Assam Fish - our all time favorite!

They maintain the foods standard very well (Rated : 4.5/5).
I had visited this restaurant many time, and the Assam Fish is just Marvelous!! Except don't visit it during Chinese New Year, because I believe the main chef will on-leave and the substitute will take over....and the Assam Fish standard drop! I tried it once!

All of us were satisfied with the foods. Two thumbs up!

Francis was taking the photos of the foods...

It only took us about 15 minutes to finish all the foods on the table. You can imagine how delicious about the foods! Haha!

The damage was : MYR108.00 (For 8 adults and 3 children)
That was about MYR27.00 per family! It was just unbelievable CHEAP!

I will visit this restaurant very often! Do you?

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