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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Malfreemaps Mapping Discussion at Gunung Ledang Resort, Johor

The discussion started after our dinner at Seng Kee Restaurant.
Where the big boys in one group and all others family members in other group. We discuss many issue about the map and the community. Purely serious discussion for almost 3 hours!

when it was about 11:00pm, someone ( I forgot who was that) said he need some water and the restaurant already close, then someone gave a very fast answer :"Just bring our Beer!"

Jaguar seriously work on the computer with the companion of the "Godfather" Beer from India!

Everyone were seriously discuss about the MFM map

The situation just seems like everyone found an Oasis in the desert! Haha! But the discussion still carry on and we need to discipline ourself.....
The bell rang on almost 1am! Then the discussion finished and follow by party time!! :)

Everyone started to change their concentration to the cold box!! We began our 'Talk-Cock" session again!
The Carlsberg beers were sponsored by MG and the Godfather beers by Edmund.

Our chit chat covered every topic under the sun! Even the Story about the Puteri (Princess) of Gunung Ledang. The history surrounding......
Fancheng (Member from Negri Sembilan) was so kind enough to prepare the supper for us! The "Seremban Siew Pow" and the "Tan-Tat". The Siew Pow is one of my favorite!

Seremban "Siew Pow"

Seremban "Tan Tat"

Jaguar trying show us that after so many can of beers, he still can post message to MFM forum.

right : Edmund, Jaguar and GPSsin

The session end about 4:30am! That was the time everyone were so tired and exhausted...
The night end with joyful moment! And....good night!

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