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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seng Kee Restaurant at Jementah, Johor

Seng Kee Restaurant located along the main road of the town. (N2°25.711' E102°40.649'). It is about 16KM away from Gunung Ledang Resort.

We occupied 4 tables with 9 families and 8 singles. We filled the restaurant with full of joyful moments in every corner!

Seng Kee Restaurant

One of our senior member "pauchai" did the order for our dinner, we don't mind what they have...as long as tasty! :)

pauchai ordering foods with the waitress.

Francis, Anthony, Ong and Edmund families.

The bachelors table. Members from Singapore, Seremban & Kedah.

Before the foods serve, 'Jaguar' be our Tiger Beer Promoter! He was busy running around every table to serve the beer! He's the man! None of us can escape from him, everyone has a glass of Beer after 5 minutes! Haha!

Jaguar (right) : "I am wondering whether this is beer OR fruit juice?" Silverbeauty (left) : "Let me try..."

We only drink during Full Moon! Jaguar & antyong

Some chit chating, some shooting! No wonder pauchai took so many photos!

Jaguar trying to explain how to identify Tiger and Tigress....as he was holding 2 bottles (refer to the pictures above), he said the taste also different from each other. He was sharing the knowleadge.....but Singawon was so doubtful!!

Jaguar was explaining to the group....

Singawon show the 'Doubtful' face.....haha!

The dinner was serve in about 20 minutes later, it was the silent during that moment, except some folks and spoons craching sound.....yeah, everyone were hungry.....:)

Our order :-
1) Japanese Tau-fu (Signature Dish)
2) Vegetables
3) Steam Africa Flying Fish
4) Guinness Pork Rib (Signature Dish)
5) Lemon Chicken
6) Wildboar cook with ginger

Japanese Tau-Fu

Africa Flying Fish

Guinness Pork Rib

But the quite moment only last for 15 minutes, everyone almost finish the foods on the table....and continue the 'Talk-Cock' session again..... :)
I saw smile on everyone face, and I believe it's cause by the foods!! Haha! It was really good! I love the 'Guinness Pork Rib' very much!!
But among all, below these two guys won the 'Best Smile of the Night'!!

Ongcc & pauchai won the 'Best Smile' Award!!

The damage was MYR45.00 per family!! It's reasonable and CHEAP!

Some of us act like a Media reporter to interview the Chef of the Restaurant about the recipe of the foods....and the Chef was kind and generous enough to tell us everything under the sun....

The Chef of the Restaurant

Below are the photos of the foods we didn't order...

The Lobster

The Shark's teeth and the fin

MG and wife from Segamat joined us during the dinner.....
We finished our dinner in about 2 hours, and drove back to the Resort for our Serious Discussion session.....

The story continue.....

Restoran Seng Kee
No 1 & 2, Jalan Melodi,
Taman Melodi,
85200 Jementah, Johor.
Tel : +607-9472363 / +6019-7421621

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