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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Jetty of Tanjung Piai (Cape) - Johor (Part 2)

The Jetty of Tanjung Piai trail is around 300-400 meter long. When we started the trail not too far from the main entrance, we saw a group of Nature and Wildlife Photographers setting up their gear and waiting to shoot on the Eagles around Tanjung Piai.

We were impressed by the Telephoto Lens they use...

After passing them, we met another group of peoples fishing along the pathway. What they caught for that day were mostly catfish....with one Blue Spotted Ribbontail Stingray (more than 1KG weight). I will blog about it after this post.

I love the walk to the Jetty, it's relax and especially cool sea breeze...we really enjoyed it!
We passed by the swamp area and noticed that the mangrove trees were planted nicely on it...

After about 15 minutes slow walk, we reached the Jetty. There were also group peoples fishing at one of the corner...
One of the Trademark of the Jetty is this Direction plate. Pictures below...

It was stand in the middle of the Jetty

The furthers is Buenos Aires, Argentina, where's about 16,430km away...but I don't know whether is accurate or not?! :)

We had a rest over here, chat with the fishing peoples. Noticed there was a couple having their Fun over the Jetty....then we walked back to continue other trail at the National Park.

A lonely fishing rod

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