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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Exploring Muar Town - The Historical Town

I would like to share some of this Pre-war buildings at Muar town with you. As you can see the completion year were shaped emboss somewhere near the roof.

Streets view of Jalan Abdullah (N2°02.854' E102°34.053')

We love to explore by walking through the town, streets by streets....

We started our journey from Jalan Abdullah (road) somewhere opposite Maybank Muar. Walked pass through Jalan Haji
Abu (road) and turn left to Jalan Ali (road), until the jusnction.....we turn left again into Jalan Sayang (road) and left to Jalan Meriam (road).

I found this old building at the junction of Jalan Abdullah & Jalan Hj. Abu
(N2°02.871' E102°34.080')

And.....Ooopss!! (The Lady Street of Muar)

Muar town had been existed since 13th Century, according to the history here.
This is also the town which the origin of Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball, which is very famous in Malacca now.

Hmm.....They named it 'Cooked Food Market' during 1952, it's actually a food court today..... Foods are good! (Located at junction of Jalan Hj. Abu & Jalan Ali N2°02.800' E102°34.136')

Street view - Jalan Ali (N2°02.803' E102°34.145')

Nice and neat parking....

Chiang Chuan Association, Muar (N2°02.777' E102°34.102')
I remember I read somewhere about this building experience the bomb attack about 500 meter away during the 2nd World War. It's so lucky it missed, otherwise we won't be able to witness this Prominent Heritage building anymore....

Alley beside the Chian Chuan Association, Muar

I believe this is the First Chinese Primary School at Muar Town...
Chung Hwa National Primary School One (N2°02.746' E102°34.081')

Rows of well preserved pre-war buildings still dominate the town’s architecture. These buildings still house various shops along Jalan Abdullah, dubbed as Muar’s central business district. Prominent heritage buildings, among others, are the Abu Bakar Building (completed in 1929) that houses the town’s administrative offices and the Custom building (completed in 1909). The age of most buildings can be easily identified since the date of completion (ranging from 1930s to 1950s) were cast on the buildings’ exterior. These buildings are the priceless heritage that portrays Muar’s prosperous past and appreciating this splendour would bring one’s memory back to the nostalgic. More on Wiki.

Grocery Importers and Exporters Association, Muar (1954)
°02.746' E102°34.071')

The above and below buildings are located at the junction of Jalan Sayang & Jalan Meriam. They were re-paint and restored.
(N2°02.785' E102°34.047')

The different generation of the windows.......

Unique design of the roof (located along Jalan Sayang)

Do you still remember when was the last time you step in to this book shop?

A Pharmacy or Clinic? I feel the signage on 1st level is unique....

We finish the first part of Muar Town Exploration in about 90 minutes and continue proceed to our next stop.....


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