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Monday, October 13, 2008

Famous Glutton Street (贪呷街) of Muar, Johor.

Glutton Street (贪呷街), which known as "T'am Cjia Kueh" in Hokkien.
It's located at the street of Jalan Hj Abu from junction Jalan Meriam until junction Jalan Ali, appoximately 100 meter. (N2°02.810' E102°34.125')

The street wake up (start operation) in the morning sleep until late evening. You can find all kind of Chinese foods within this less than 100 meter session along both side of the street!

Every car drive through this part with extra slow and caution, because peoples are standing everywhere as you can see from the pictures. Some are queuing, some are selling, some
are just for the sake of enjoying the environment....(like me!)

Traditional Herbal tea stall

Otak-otak stall - this particular foods is very famous around Muar

Pork Satay - I did try it, not bad!

"Yau-Char-Kuey" - a.k.a. Chinese Cruller

I don't know about this Glutton Street started in which year, basically I can't find any history about it. But I believe it started the culture at least 50 years from now......

I was wonder about this Long Queue around this stall, at last.....I found out it's a tasty 'Fried Oyster' stall (蚵煎)....(Claimed to be the BEST at Muar)

Wanton mee (云吞面) stall - Look at the noodle! It's stand by for good business! :)

The shops located along this small session also packed of peoples during weekday, and will be more crowded during
weekend......I love to walk by the stalls and buy some of each to cure my itchy mouth! Haha!

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Map of Glutton Street of Muar

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