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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tanjung Emas (Golden Cape) Of Muar, Johor.

Located at the north-west of Muar town. (Estuary of Muar River) The place where you can walk along the Muar River, relax by the river bank or let the kids playing around it in the evening.

We saw many temporary stall selling foods, drinks, cloths, shoes & some souvenirs......

After the stalls, you reach the Clock Tower with a wide area for kids riding on the Electronics car, I found very interesting was.....their parents are holding the 'Remote Control' and even control the car which drive by their kids! That's mean while the kids driving on the car, it's also control by their parents! Yes! It's a GREAT idea! It's prevent the kids simply drive into a danger area or drain!

The Clock Tower

Then follow by a stretch of passage way (just next to the river) that will lead you to end of the cape.

This "Little Spiderman" was wondering where is his Mask?? I saw it but don't wanna destroy his hope by not telling him......it's actually in the 'drain'....! :)

Children Playground

Sultan Ismail Mosque, located at the northern bank of Muar River in Tanjung Agas. Completed in 2002, it is the biggest mosque in town. The design is similar to the Sultan Ibrahim Jamek Mosque (completed in 1927). Its architectural design has British influence. The mosque is noted for its four-storey minaret in its backyard. Sources from Wiki.

There's a boat cruising along this Muar River, that's one of the Tourist Attraction. The time taken is 45 minutes for the boat trip, ticket fare are : MYR10.00 for adult and MYR5.00 for children (Seems like expensive than the Malacca River Cruise?!)

The Jetty for Muar River Cruise

After the jetty, you almost reach the end of it. The one last thing you can enjoy over here is the "Sunset" of Muar. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the beautiful sunset of Muar next time you visit this Golden Cape.


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