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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Roas Rasa Makanan Sunda Restaurant at Cikarang - Bekasi, Indonesia

After I finished all my tasks, that was about 5pm Indonesia time. I went back to hotel and meet my friend. Take a rest in the hotel, then we start looking for dinner...

We decided this restaurant which is just beside the hotel :
Roas Rasa
Rumah Makan Khas Sunda
Ruko Cikarang Commercial Centre
Blok B No. 17, 18, 19
Jalan Raya Cikarang Cibarusah,
Pintu Tol Cikarang Barat,
Cikarang Bekasi,
Tel : +62 21 89835731/2

Roas Rasa Makanan Sunda Restaurant

The environment inside...

The restaurant seems like serving the authentic local foods that we were looking for...

Our order as below :-
1) Gepuk (x3) (Fried Beef)
2) Udang Goreng Tusuk (x2) (Deep Fried Shrimps)
3) Lalap+Sambal (x1) (Vegetables)

4) Rice (x2)

5) Pepes Jamur (x1) (Vegetables)

6) Pepes Oncom (x1) (Vegetables)

7) Classic Chocolate Milkshake (x2)

The sambal was good!

The meal was excellent!! I love the Beef and the Shrimps very much!!

The damage was :-
1) Beef - IDR31,500.00 for 3
2) Shrimps - IDR23,000.00 for 2 (total 10)
3) Vegetables - IDR15,500.00 for 3
4) Rice - IDR8,000.00 for 2
5) Chocolate Milkshake - IDR29,000.00 for 2

All total : IDR112,200.00 (Included tax) (MYR35.00)
I rated the foods : 4/5

The astray on every table

Even in the restaurant is air-conditional, but everyone were smoking....no wonder I read some articles of Indonesia before said that Indonesia is the Heaven for Smokers!
It was so lucky the restaurant have the water features beside to chase all the smoke away....

The water feature of the Restaurant

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