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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lippo Cikarang Mall, Bekasi, Indonesia

Once our stomach filled up, we continue our journey to the nearest shopping mall : Lippo Cikarang Mall (S6°20.039' E107°08.186'), trying to buy some souvenirs for my wife and daughter. (The information about the mall was given by the Hotel staffs)

'Angkot' (Angkotan Kotaraya) - The public transportation of Cikarang, and maybe the whole of Indonesia.

We were waiting across the street of the Hotel for cab, suddenly there was a kind of 'Van without the side door' approaching us and ask : "Where are you going?" (in Indonesia language). We reply : "Lippo Cikarang Shopping Mall". The driver said he will take us there ans ask us to jump in to his 'Van'! Kind of curious, we just hop-in...
Along the road (Jalan Cikarang-Cibarusah), we saw many villages and also many small stalls, I mean 'many'!

The pictures I took on 'Angkot'

After 5 minutes drive, the 'Van' was full of Indonesian passengers. We enjoyed the view along the way, 15 minutes later....we reached the Mall. The driver was kind enough to inform us! The journey is about 4.5km and the fares was IDR3,000.00 = MYR0.90. It's cheap!

The time was about 9pm (Indonesia time) when we arrived at the mall. I started to look around, and hoping to see any unique souvenirs....
This shop "Batik Keris" caught our attention of the local batik product. I think Quachee will love it very much! I bought a small unique purse made by coconut shell and a small cute little batik bag. Beside that, there are some other stuffs I grap too! Haha!
The damages of all the souvenirs I bought : IDR57,000.00 = MYR17.80

Lippo Cikarang Shopping Mall

We meet a friendly & helpful guy on the 'Angkot' while on the way back to hotel. His name is Sunarto, working as a Project Enginner of Muitistrada. He speaks very good English! And help us to communicate with the driver of the hotel location. (We having problem in communicate the local language) It's nice to meet the locals....

Peoples here are 'friendly'. I was so surprised. Because from the news on TV and newspaper we read before about the perception, actually it's totally different here! The security along the road will definitely wave their hand to you with a courtesy smile while you walk pass!!

I had a chat with my client who migrated from Malaysia to Indonesia (10 years ago) about the surrounding. The words from her was really a shock to me! She said she is not even hear a single robbery case within a year! She felt more secure living in Indonesia than Malaysia!
I feel more positive towards the country...

Many small stall like this along the Jalan Cikarang-Cibarusah (Local Culture)

As usual, the second night end with few bottles of Bintang local beer....

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