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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cikarang, Indonesia

We walked around the Cikarang area on the 3rd day. I took many photos around the area, would like to share with you all....

I was so curious about the bunch peoples waiting outside the Bank BTN just beside the hotel. I saw the situation two days since I was there...just wondering what they are waiting for?!

The peoples outside the bank

After a while, I saw these two security guard around the bank area...Initially I thought he's a police?! Because they dress like police in Malaysia...

Security Guard at Cikarang

One of the common car in Indonesia...."Kijang"

The car is manufacture by the joint venture of Toyota and local company, it's also same with Toyota Unser in Malaysia.

Nice roof decoration by the 'Holland Bakery'. Same row with the hotel...

The method the local workers transport the construction stuff...

When we reached the road junction, finally we saw the traffic police! I was curious to know about their uniform and also the vehicle....

The Police motorcycle

I only realized the gray colour uniform is for Traffic Police...

And also discovered there was a small Police Station exactly located at the junction.

Police Station

We just crossed the street and walked towards the Carrefour Hypermart (S6°18.661' E107°08.672') at Cikarang. According to my client, the locals here will spend heavily after they get their paid. Most of them will slow down until their pocket money are almost empty! Then wait for another next month salary to start soending again!

Carrefour Cikarang, Indonesia

I was wondering....most of the car over there fill up the Nitrogen for their tyre?

I spotted this Police Vehicle while we had a drink in one coffeeshop. Ops! They named it 'Restuarant' over here.

There are many small stalls like this along the road (Jalan Cikarang-Cibarusah). and most of them are almost same size...

Except the stall below is slightly bigger...

The common convenience stall along the road. Their local culture.

The motorcycle repair shop

We went back to hotel around 2pm and waiting for our transport to Airport. The traffic congestion here is bad, so we need to hit on road 3 hours in advance before our flight on 1855hrs Indonesia time!

During the journey to the Airport, I still continue to take pictures....because my card not Full yet! Haha!

One of their commercial transport

And finally, I saw this Police Station

Tosera Supermart. This is the one we missed!

The Alfamart Convenience Shop. I believe it's same like the 7-Eleven at Malaysia.

While passed by the flyover, I noticed the safety net was full of rubbish! Don't they care? Hmm.....I don't know....

The Jakarta Post. The only English newspaper I read in Indonesia.

We reached the Airport around 6pm. The journey took 2 hours 30 minutes for 70km. I think you can imagine the traffic congestion along the road....

I will blog about the Airport in the next post....

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