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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jakarta International Airport, Indonesia

Jakarta International Airport (S6°07.436' E106°39.103')
We reached the Airport almost 6pm. Took a burger from A&W fast food stall (Burger and Root Beer Float cost MYR9.40) and quickly snap around the Airport for my collections....
The Airport is Huge!

The road in front of the Departure Hall...

Communication Tower of Jakarta International Airport

There are many Statue around the Airport, even more along the Highway...

The Statue at Airport

You won't lost your way because the signage are big enough.

The A&W Stall spotted easily once you enter the hall.

Inside the airport...

Nice decoration on my right...

Group of travelers on my left...

After we finish our 'burger', the time was limited and we have to check-in to our flight.

The Check-in Hall

Upon check-in, we realized that the ticket we purchased from Airasia was not include the Airport tax in Indonesia. I was panic at the moment because we finished our Rupiah! Luckily the officer was kind enough to accept Malaysia Ringgit...
I wonder why during my booking through Airasia website, it was not mention at all!

After check-in, we were passed by the Duty Free Shops...

I did not buy anything from the shops, the reason was they only deal in USD. And after the conversion, all the stuffs was expensive than Malaysia.

I was surprised that the 'Smoking Area' in the waiting area actually is a 'Cafe'. It's different from Senai Airport (Johor Bahru), Changi Airport (Singapore) and Taipei Airport. They are just a 'small' room with Full of smoke inside. I believe the smokers at Indonesia are really enjoy their smoking places! Haha!

The actual flight was 18:55hrs (Indo time), 19:55hrs (MY time). But before take off, it delayed for about 30 minutes because of the Heavy Traffic on the sky....
We started to fly on 19:30hrs (Indo time), 20:30hrs (MY time). It tooks 1 hour 45 minutes to reached Senai Airport at Johor.

The Indonesia Airasia Boeing 737

That's end my trip to Cikarang, Indonesia.

Home sweet home...

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