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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pulai Waterfall, Johor

Pulai Waterfall (N1°35.480' E103°31.579')

"This trip supposed our Rest & Recce trip, but end up everybody become 'lok tang chi' (Wet in rain).

The fall is located in the Hutan Lipur Gunung Pulai. The park still closed for public after the several
fatal landslides and flash floods. The alternate way to visit the Spectacular Kulai Waterfall is 'sneak' in thru the waterway....So i only share the waypoint here, and enter the park on your own risk.

Turn in from the main road as follow the signboard, park your car after crossing a bridge. It's a open
compound belong to a Malay uncle. You'll need to pay RM1 as parking fee.

Follow the stream

Just follow the stream beside the car park, walk to the upstream direction. A lot of loose rocks along the way, which maybe washed down by flash flood. You'll pass thru a broken dam (N1°35.579' E103°31.425'), follow by 1st tier (N1°35.527' E103°31.501'), 2nd tier (N1°35.489' E103°31.539') then is the main spectacular fall. Estimate the main fall is about 5 stories high. You still can climb up to the fall peak by follow the staircase on the left of falls. Take care, the cemented staircase is very slippery due to the moss on it.

The Broken Dam

The 1st Tier

The 2nd Tier

The Pulai Waterfall (From far)

The Main Pulai Fall

From the peak of the Main Fall

The location of from the Broken Dam, 1st Tier, 2nd Tier, Pulai Waterfall & the Peak of the Main Fall.

The small cascade at the dam

The current of the stream is quite strong after the rain, we had a hard time to come back to the car park in the heavy rained afternoon." - By Snail-Works

The above article and photos are provided by Snail-Works. Thanks!

I've been searching for this waterfall long time ago. Never expect it still remain there until I read the post from Snail-Works, thanks.
Look like the trail will be challenging, I will try one of these day to visit this Spectacular Fall of Pulai!

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