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Monday, June 01, 2009

Kota Tinggi Waterfall, Johor

Kota Tinggi Waterfall (N1°49.776' E103°50.048')

It's located about 40KM from Johor C.I.Q. , and another 15KM from Kota Tinggi Town. (Total 55KM). My last visit was about 15 years ago...

There is one resort located beside the waterfall, but the maintenance is poor....otherwise it will be a very good resort to stay.

I was there with my family Saturday...the environment is very nice and cooling. There are 2 Tube slide from the fall.

If my memory serve me well, those day the water was crystal clear! But now....it become history...you can see the colour of the water below.

Two kids having fun in the muddy waterfall...

The place was not crowded during our visit. The restaurant was empty, but I wondering was....there is one restaurant in front of the Waterfall (Waterfall View Restaurant) is at the Perfect location where you can enjoy your drink with the Live music play by the waterfall! Too bad, it's closed! The existing restaurant was setup about 300 meters away of the fall....
I was thinking, why can't they make use of the good location?!

The closed restaurant !

The existing restaurant which is far away from the waterfall.

Below are some photos surrounding...

The way he meditate in the waterfall

The water from top...

The tube rental counter - MYR5.00 per tube

Love our waterfall & warning signage

There will be no foods & drinks after this session, as you can see the guide was make sure everything ok! (The one with the 'Blue' shirt)
Too bad there was not enough time for me to walk on the trek...the trek will lead you to the upper fall. I will do it on my next visit!

The trek to the upper fall

I saw few houses like this (below), I wonder is it the resthouse? Looks abandon today...

Abandon rest house?

According to Snail-Works, there is another waterfall located at the same mountain (Gunung Muntahak, about 500 meter height), it's call Pelepah Waterfall. It's hiding in the jungle, you need to trek in from the small stream which appear in front of the Kota Tinggi Waterfall, experience guide is recommended.
So I took the photos below, wondering is this 'Stream' mention by Snail-works??

The small cascade in front of Kota Tinggi Fall
(It was at the right if you wlk towards the fall)

Latest update from Snail-works :-
"The stream is before the parking lot. Do you remember before entering the ticket counter, there's oil palm plantation on your left and you drive cross a bridge... the river name Sg Pelepah Kiri, this is the river come from the Pelepah Fall . " (3rd June 2009)

I love waterfall very much! Do you?

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