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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Fish Farm at Kilim Geoforest Park of Langkawi Island

The Fish Farm (N6 24.945 E99 51.821) is located at the same area of The Hole In The Wall Floating Restaurant along the Kilim River of Langkawi Island. This activity was part of the Mangrove Tour.

The Fish Farm

The farm was not huge but it was enough for us to see all the big fishes around...
The young boy who speak fluent English had became our tour guide and started to showed us around the farm.
At first, he showed us the 'Shooting Fish' which was really interesting!

The Shooting Fish

There were many big fishes in the farm! Like this one below...

Then the boy brought us to the Stingray area, and all the rays seems like waiting at the site!

The big Black Ray!

Then the boy started to feed them with pieces of fish...

The black rays were Really Hungry!! :)

The rays overturned 

The boy continued to feed the hungry rays, and he overturn the body and showed us where is the mouth located...my daughter was excited watching the rays! :)
Then we moved to the Horse Shoe Crab...this was the first time I saw the horse shoe swim...that was new to me! Haha!

The boy explain about the Horse Shoe Crab

This was the way the horse shoe swim...

"There are many foreigners settle down here in Langkawi, some of them started the restaurant business or others and own a unique floating house at the Kilim River area..." said the Boatman. Below floating house is owned by a couple of Japanese.

Nice Floating House owned by Japanese couple.

It took about 30 minutes for us to tour around the fish farm, and we continue our journey to the Millions years Bat Cave! The cave is located nearby the Kilim Jetty....

We passed by the Kilim Jetty again...

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The Location Map of the Fish Farm at Kilim River

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