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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Evening at Malacca (Melaka)

When we walked pass the St.Paul's Hill in the evening, our stomach started to request for filling! :)
We saw this policemen riding on the horse during their patrol duty!!

We were having some light foods at the Newton Food Court (N2°11.398' E102°14.882') which is located beside Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall. My friend told me that they had a marvellous 'Teow Chew Bak Kut Teh' in the food court, but we were unlucky to ordered the worst 'Fried Oyster' I ever eat before! (The first stall on the right) Really regretted! Please don't try! My daughter was having the fish porridge, taste was average.....

Newton Food Court

After the food court, we decided to walk back to Aldy Hotel. We pass by the "Menara Taming Sari" (N2°11.456' E102°14.822') which is on the right, follow by the Museum Samudera (N2°11.522' E102°14.797').

Taming Sari Tower
MYR20.00 for foreigner, MYR10 for Malaysian, MYR5 for children
Height : 110 meter

Museum Samudera

Opposite the Museum Samudera is a shopping arcade for souvenir

And cross over the bridge, that's the famous night market of Malacca - The Jonker Walk night market. The stalls at Jonker Walk are same as my last visit.....cloths, toys, foods,and etc.....

Do you still remember how long you ever see this kind of herbal tea stall? I mean the herbal tea fill in the copper container?

Every time I visit Jonker Walk, I just wanna snap a few photos of this Geographer Cafe. I wonder why??

I noticed this Classic Cafe opposite Geographer Cafe also not bad, at least not that crowded.

We finish shopping around 12 midnight, and ride on the Trishaw for MYR5 back to the hotel.(Too tired to walk, our legs are calling S.O.S!)
I bought 4 cans of Carlsberg that end our first day in Malacca.

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